His Voice

My heart jumped knowing our time was fast approaching. He soon would return home to continue the many conversations we had both become accustom to. Our engagements had willingly shifted into my newest source of joy which mingled poetically with his evident enthusiasm. His voice was magnetic; releasing me from wanting anything other than his words, embracing me like a blanket, warming the core of my own curiosity. As he spoke, I lay helpless in his rhythm as I drifted into his stories of survival or silly expressions. I listened quietly while I absorbed every vowel, every verb, every subject into my own existence. I knew then that his words had longed for me. They had discovered a safe refuge in my integrity and calm. They would forever be cherished; I would forever be in love.

Maribella Genova

Unconditional Love


The first time you experience unconditional love as an adult, it may be a gentle melting of a glacier. Or it may be more of a cataclysm, like a giant earthquake that shakes you to your inner core. You cannot swim in such a vast ocean and remain entirely in the small pond of limited self.

Ram Dass   …..  “Be Love Now