My Savior

My happiness in life is you.8d24840a8cafe26223ef9e138d417a7f
The fun,
the laughter,
extends my stay a bit longer.
You minimize my darkness,
and in your presence,
I fear nothing.
Leaving you
is my only agony.

* from “My Savior”

(C)Voce di Maribella, 2016

Published by

Maribella Genova

Maribella Genova Just a girl writing and taking photos.

2 thoughts on “My Savior”

    1. I totally understand what you mean.

      Two things work for me when it comes to this:

      1. Looking at things with a higher self or as I call divine eyes, everything really does happen for a reason. There are lessons to learn in every situation of our lives, and these lessons are learned in our experiences. When a lover goes, learn the lesson, release the pain. Life does go on.

      2. Love is the most important gift we can give and receive. We are born from love and ARE love. To withhold is a setback for divine humanity. Love true and love genuine. That is our true selves.

      Much love to you!! ❤


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