The Heartbreak

Oh rebellious mind,
desperately I implore you,
delay any thoughts of my true love.
Warrant time
for this mending heart,
terrorized by love’s
eternal memories.

Oh defiant soul,
this poor heart,
from this wanton bond
still roused by our existence,
physically detached,
divinely enslaved.

My body, useless,
barren in action.
My soul, winning,
rejecting my request.
All control resulting in vain.

Allow me to once more,
enjoy the birth of the sunrise,
where my beauty rises to
meet the warmth of a new day.

Allow me to once more,
frolic in the mystery of
the moonlight,
a magical playground,
my source of illuminated brilliance.

This torture,
my return to divine light
burying all that belongs to me not.
Dismissing the impossible,
embracing the warrior at hand.

(C)Voce di Maribella, 2015


Published by

Maribella Genova

Maribella Genova Just a girl writing and taking photos.

4 thoughts on “The Heartbreak”

  1. Hiya Maribella, Made it here this morning and this piece struck me in particular. And I do so admire and resonate with the evident spiritual yearnings, the positivity and the humanity in your writing. A kindred spirit, for sure! Do keep in touch as things develop for you too and I will be back for more, for sure… With Love & Light Scottie x www,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you dear friend. I wrote this piece last year after a difficult break up. I was “on my knees” when I wrote this. My heartbroken spirit was as is encased in every word of this poem. As always, once I released my pain and connected to my divine nature, I began to heal. Today, I remember that time and smile as it was a pivotal experience for me to grow and learn. Thank you for your lovely comment. Please let’s keep in touch.


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