Today is a day

where I can’t validate

the phenomenon of a new breath

or the vibrant song in my heart.


The world outside,

adorned with charm

and miraculous brilliance,

gifts to our beings,

yet my eyes have lost it’s gaze,

veiled by deceitful trickery,

my spirit has become disconnected.


A knock at my door and I foolishly

let my past take a seat.

Burying my abundance of hope,

poisoning the beauty where I now nest.


My soul, roaring with intensity,

kicking and screaming for it’s removal,

trying to awaken this body that has become futile.

Relentless in her mission,

abandon never an option.


I’m exhausted by the battle within,

tired of the brutality that has

seized my mind.

On my knees,

needing forgiveness to embrace me,

not knowing it is there

waiting for me to embrace it.


My salvation is not coming,

it is perpetually alive in me.

I must hang on to my bridge of joy

that will lead me to my magnificence

once again.
There lies the power to remove the darkness

that no longer serves my divinity.

I will arise

I will endure.

(c)Voce di Maribella, 2016


Stored Treasure

Together again, we may never be.

Yet you dwell

in the quiet space

of my heartbeats, 

stored treasure

of limitless love

rising at every occasion 

life attempts to defeat 

this gracious soul. 
Aware you are not,

still,  your grace 

shines amongst 

the one you loved the most. 

May every step you take,

strengthen your path 

to eternal happiness.

(C)Voce di Maribella, 2016


I Stand

A mystery I may be,b139ef68caee6d5f4d58ce29b3246a04

as my eyes delight at the faculty of infinite births.

Genesis of unexplained feelings,

mastered by frailty of choice whose

momentum ceased to secure the life I desired.

I came on my own accord;

Upright I stand, rooted in nature’s lifeline

where soul expands to the infinity

of divine love.

I am safe.

I am protected.

I have not come in vain.

(C)Voce di Maribella, 2016