Women At War


Women consumed by despair,
witness to the devastation of lives and life itself.
We honor you today as you venture through a war that has been chosen for you.
Heartbroken by the death of your children, your husbands, your loved ones.
Cries of immeasurable pain exhausting any concept of human decency.
Your choices disappearing into the oblivion of darkness where human life has lost its divine meaning.

We stand by you today with the collective strength
we possess to survive the inequality that continuously
jabs our true potential.
Feel the harmony of our souls embraced by the love, support, and solidarity of the female bond.
Our prayers race to your safety.
Angels camouflage your breathe to the evil forces
ready to destroy you.
Embrace yourselves not only in your eminent power, but in the potency of our feminine magnificence.
You are not alone.

(C)Voce di Maribella, 2016